The other day, the blogathon had a writing prompt: What are your favorite apps? I had something else I wanted to write that day but it got me thinking. My favorite “app” has got to be twitter itself. I’ve been an on-again-off-again twitter user for a while now and the on-again periods have led to some really fascinating connections in my life. Maybe you’re on the fence about whether you want to use twitter or you just aren’t sure why it would be interesting. Let me tell you what I’ve enjoyed.

First, of course, are the witty famous people. When I started using twitter, Roger Ebert and Neil Gaiman regularly pointed me towards interesting articles or oddities, or they would share some short, beautiful turn of phrase they’d encountered. I miss Roger Ebert for the everyday poetry that he would share.

If that were all twitter was I would still have enjoyed it… but probably wouldn’t have stuck around. I’d like to tell you about the friends that I’ve made around the world but I let my day get away from me. I’ll continue this thought tomorrow.

I’ll just leave you with this teaser: neil gaiman proud