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In this, the June 24th edition of Music Monday, we’ll hear about

Seth Martin and the Menders – Putting the Sky to Sleep

Seth is a dear friend. He’s a songwriter and folksinger in the tradition of Pete Seeger, Leadbelly, and Woody Guthrie. As the name Menders implies, he has a passion for facing the aspects of our world that are not as beautiful as they could be and inciting people everywhere to rise up and beautify.


Wow, it’s Monday again. How’d that happen? Like last week, I want to talk about music. Specifically, music that my friends make. Since I went with something old last week, how about something new this time?

 The Hollands! – Over Lands & Leas

The Hollands! are a folk/americana/australiana songwriting family living a dream of mine. These days you can find them traveling the continent full time in their great shiny bus. They’re living a dream I’ve had for ages: They’re experimenting with an indefinite season of full time wandering.

While the band started with Jana singing and Craig providing accompaniment, Over Lands & Leas includes the whole family. Not only do you get to hear gorgeous harmonies from their daughter Graciana, she wrote and features on at least one track.

I knew that I’d found kinfolk when I first met the Hollands and realized that they’d named their son after Australia’s most famous poet. You can hear Banjo’s contribution to the album in the steady rhythm he provides from the cajon.


Hello again, world. I’m fresh back from rehearsal with my full time band, Ami Moss & The Unfortunate, and I thought it would be nice to write a little about music tonight. I love it. I spend at least 10 hours a week on The Unfortunate and a few hours on my orchestra (the Chicago Cacophony Orchestra – I’ll tell you more about it some other time) and all my friends know that if they ask me to do something with them, I’ll come if I can. Over the years I’ve been invited to play in a lot of concerts and added pieces to several different albums. Here’s one from almost a decade ago:

Psalters – Divine Liturgy of the Wretched Exiles

Wow… there are so many great memories associated with this album. It was recorded in several places, but the parts I laid down were recorded in Mr. Bailey’s shack: a haunted cabin up on Lookout Mountain, GA. The same Lookout Mountain where the climax of American Gods takes place. Coincidentally, I read American Gods for the first time while I was on that trip and I didn’t know that was going to happen. It was during the same trip that I realized that I like stories even more than I like music.

I’m looking forward to collaborating and conspiring with some of the same crew from those days for the Carnival de Resistance in September. Which I’m practicing stories for nowadays!

I’d love to hear what you think — and what you think of the Psalters’ other albums.