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Sorry, everyone, I haven’t written lately because

  • After all these  years, I caved and I’ve been busy doing the facebook thing.
  • I’ve been eavesdropping on UC Berkeley biology lectures (Seriously, check this one out. I just figured out that these days you can find lots of killer lectures to watch on the internet.)drdiamand
  • I’ve been on the best webelos camp ever.
  • I’ve been to Philly to visit my friends and see their marvelous bike-puppet horse. Actually, I didn’t know there would be a bike-puppet, and there were lots of other neat things, but maybe none so cool as the bike-puppet horse.
  • I’ve been making plans to go to Lexington next week to be part of the mini Psalters tour.
  • I’ve been moving UCS’ laboratory to a new room.

Of course there’s more. There’s always more… but I’ve got to save something to whine about tomorrow.


I realized that I haven’t posted here in a week.  I haven’t really used the computer in the last week. I blame NaNoWriMo burnout. Neat stuff has happened and maybe I’ll tell you about it later. In the meanwhile, enjoy a few random tidbits I’ve found lying around.

My new favorite quote about stories (from this excerpt):

By this, she means one of those children “interested in the imagination and in the relationship between the real and the unreal. They are entirely capable of telling the difference between truth and falsehood, but they prefer the falsehood occasionally.”

My favorite creative protest: 

My favorite new toy-I-wish-I-could-get-every-child-I-know:

Alphabet blocks for budding mad scientists


you shall above all things be glad and young
For if you’re young,whatever life you wear

it will become you;and if you are glad
whatever’s living will yourself become.
Girlboys may nothing more than boygirls need:
i can entirely her only love

whose any mystery makes every man’s
flesh put space on;and his mind take off time

that you should ever think,may god forbid
and (in his mercy) your true lover spare:
for that way knowledge lies,the foetal grave
called progress,and negation’s dead undoom.

I’d rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance

— e. e. cummings

That’s one of the e e cummings poems that I love to turn back to. Something different stands out to me every time I read it.

It’s true what they say, you know. Writing is 1% inspiration and 99% not being distracted by the internet.

Our production of The Importance of Being Earnest is finally over. So sad. It’s been so much fun to play around with a new art. I’ll try and get some pictures up here soon. Obviously I wasn’t in any position to take any pictures (Not that I ever do anyway). 

Now that we’re done I can finally get started on my National Novel Writing Month novel. I’m sure that will be fun, too. Terry Pratchett says writing is the most fun anyone can have by themselves.

Last week Living Waters church (connected to the Shalom Mission Communities) hosted a conference on Christianity and Primitivism with Ched Myers facilitating. I didn’t really get to go as it was in the middle of the work week during our play, but I did get to visit with Jay Beck and Heather Cheezem and at least see a few others I don’t see often.

The little bit of discussion I was able to be part of left me eager to find and read Colin Turnbull’s anthropological works. Have you ever read him?

Well, I’m about 20,000 words behind schedule on my novel. I’d better get stop procrastinating and get to it.