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David Mitchell is my new favorite person to listen to. Hear him talk about climate change.


So, umm, I don’t want to lose the momentum I found last friday.

Instead of actually working at writing coherent thoughts, how about a list of some of my favorite famous people and things? Lists are always good, right?

Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s The Little Prince; Peter Pan; George MacDonald; Alexander McCall Smith; Diana Wynne Jones; Neil Gaiman; Terry Pratchett; N.T. Wright; Jacques Ellul; Terry Jones’ War on the War on Terror; Monty Python’s Flying Circus; Terry Gilliam’s films; The Life of Brian; Oscar Wilde; e.e. cummings; Tom Waits; Dave McKean; Jonni Greth; G. K. Chesterton; Madeleine L’Engle; San Francisco, city of my birth; Wendell Berry, small farmer and small writer; the Tales books by David Mains (Tales of the Kingdom and Tales of the Resistance have been very important to me since I was very young. I hope I find a copy of Tales of the Restoration); Marva J. Dawn; Walter Brueggeman; Stephen Fry; Hugh Laurie; Rowan Atkinson; Doctor Who; David Tennant as Doctor Who; Ross Noble; Craig Ferguson; Q.I.; Alan Davies.

I could keep this up for ages!