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I decided that I was going to make myself write every day in the month of June… then I went camping for the first few days of June. It wasn’t bad planning, I was gathering inspiration!

Our first night out, one of our campers wandered away from his friends he was hiking with and was missing for 6 hours. I heard the whole story from him that night and it was both entertaining and instructive. I’ll write it all out as soon as I can.

I keep promising my Uncle Mike that I’ll write everything that I know about my Great-Great-Grandfather William (Floppin’ Bill) Cantrell, leader of vigilantes in 19th century Western Montana.

I’d also like to organize a page of all of the different musical projects I’ve been part of in the last few years and try and have one page to link to any videos or recordings I know of.

I’ve got plenty to write about… no more excuses!


I’m on my way (Much too late) to bed, having procrastinated too long on my weekend chores. Before I go, though, I wanted to point out a few fun things I’ve found around the internet over the last few days.

First, Flopping Bill Cantrell. I’ll tell you more about him later. I’m really happy to have found his picture, though.

    Flopping Bill Cantrell is running a story by H.P. Lovecraft set in the wild west. How cool (and timely) is that? Also, there’s a Who knew?

I’ve been investigating a mystery thrift store mug I found. It’s got an electrified chicken. I’ll see if I can get a picture of it here and tell you what I’ve learned.

Good night.