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So… one of the exciting things in my life is the fact that my littlest brother has lived with me since he was 13 so he could be part of the alternative school where I work. He graduated tonight! I’d planned to sit down and write a little bit about what I’ve learned about “parenting” a teenager and how proud I am of him and all that… but of course today’s been mad busy and I’d like to sit and catch up with my sister more than I want to be written tonight.

So instead, please enjoy another double dactyl:

Williver wolliver
Wee Lukas Olliver
Traveled four continents
Looking for fun.
Whether he made it
Is hotly debated by
Sipping on rum.



So… this happened today:

That will be my brother. The same genius who brought you Simon the other day brings you Skeletor today. And chorus line dancing. You’re welcome.

There’s so much more that I wanted to tell you, but an old friend just showed up out of the blue. He’s on a road trip and realized he was near Chicago and decided to drop in. I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow.

In the meanwhile, have another double dactyl. This one was a collaboration between two 14-year-old boys and me. I’ll tell you more about them tomorrow, too.

Mundelein, Palatine

Once, Dr Frankenstein

wanted to visit the

man on the moon.

He tried to beat gravity


grafting on wings that he

stole from a loon.

I like words. I can admire a long, yet tightly crafted sentence, and I can really get into the economy and compact beauty of short-form poetry. I’ve quite enjoyed taking my time with haiku: taking time and considering how to capture a moment just right within the constraints. A couple of months ago, I decided I was going to write a double dactyl about all of my students. I finished two. This was my favorite:

Lepiskew, lepescule

Juniper Escue will

probably rescue a

new kind of bug.

“It’s so cute!” She’ll exclaim

As she thinks up a name


describing a hug