I really would like to write more.  These days I find that I have a lot to say, but I also have a lot of people to say it to in person.

Cornerstone was wonderful, for all of the expected reasons.  Of course it’s always a good time to see people I don’t see often. This year, four families I can think of brought newborn daughters I hadn’t met yet. I wish I had pictures.

I worked in the seminar tents hosting speakers. I’d rather do that than not have to work. I’m particularly glad to have talked with several friends about things I think are important when I take a step back from being busy — more on that later, remind me to write about Wendell Berry, gardening, and the wild.

Of course, there was good music!

You can get a taste of Lasso the Salt here and Brother Red Squirrel here.

And get a load of Tom Wray’s picture of Brian at the Khadag Blue show! That picture looks exactly like Khadag sounds.