I’m home. Of course I’m home. I’ve been home for days. I haven’t had time to sit down at the computer for more than a few minutes and if I ever did I’d be too busy feeling guilty about not having started my novel yet to write anything here. In fact, that’s what I’ve been busy doing for the last hour or so: feeling guilty about not yet having a novel started and it’s already almost the 7th!

Anyway, the Harvest Gatheriing was wonderful, of course. I didn’t even bring my cello on account of the mashed finger but I played accordion and bells and ersatz piano with Jonni, Ami, Daniele and the Illalogical spoon. I got to hang out with Jon and Hannah and Jonni and Jeremy, Andy, Paul and Ashley from Jackson, MI. Of course, spending hours locked in a box with people is one of the best ways to deepen friendships (or the opposite) and I must say I’m glad to have spent 27 or so hours with Ami and Brian, Brach and Rebecca.

We spent Monday down at the Clarks’ house in SC and drove home on Tuesday while you were all voting.

I’ve managed to plough through my backlog at work but I’m feeling the pain of a week away from play rehearsals. Not to mention the fact that I still haven’t even started my novel!