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It’s the end of the blogathon. I’m so glad that I participated! I’ve learned more about how I write and I’ve written things I wouldn’t have done if I hadn’t been part of this. If you’re reading this in the next two hours after I post it, come on over to to listen to me play live music for you.


I’m on the road this weekend with my band, The Unfortunate. I tried to tell you all about it this morning, but my post was somehow lost in the intervoid. It’s been a blast, though. Right now we’re minutes away from our fourth show in three days and we’ve got another show tomorrow.

I love this life, though. I love the other parts of my life, but I could sure get used to more periods of playing music and meeting interesting new people every day.

When I get the chance, I really want to tell you all about our show that felt we were extras on an episode of The Office, the wonderful community house that hosts basement shows, the family of 10 that has shows on the porch of their 150 year old farmhouse, and the coffee shop here in Normal, IL where the owner already knows my sister. But that will all have to wait–it’s time to play some music.
(P.S. If you’re in Chicago, or can be tomorrow night,  you should come see us at the Tonic Room in Lincoln Park)