Well, I’ll be leaving for Cornerstone in a few hours.  I probably won’t have much computer access (or extra time!) so I probably won’t write much this week.

So, Lasso the Salt accidentally recorded an album this week! We set out to record a short and simple EP/Demo but we just kept going and it’s turned out great. We made paper sleeves for it — they came back from the printer this afternoon and Joey and Erica and Josh and I spent hours and hours cutting and folding and gluing while Brach mixed and mastered. I promise to show you album art as soon as I can (I guess we didn’t take any pictures of our arts and crafts), but you can see the original picture here. Erica took it in Kolkata.


In case you’d forgotten (I nearly had), I share a rare first name with the official Michael Jackson substitute, Joby Rogers. That means that, strangely, the traffic here today had mostly to do with Michael Jackson (God rest his soul).