I’m doing it again. I’m committed to writing every day, but I’ve got so many fun things to do throughout the day that… well, here I am, 20 minutes before it’s not today anymore in wordpressland and I still haven’t written.

It doesn’t help that my computer is buried behind a few boxes of junk right now. I’ve been doing late spring cleaning and pulled all of my “storage” out of my brother’s room next door. I sorted a lot of it but when I finally hit the deadline (he was meant to get a new roommate) I put what was left of it in my room — right in front of my computer desk.

I’m not a hoarder. If I had disappeared last week and someone else cleaned up my messes, I could understand them believing I was, though. But really, I don’t have any compulsion to keep every scrap. I have no problem throwing things away. But I *do* have a problem with setting things down to deal with them later. And I have a (wonderful!) “problem” with always finding interesting ways to spend my time. I’m hardly home to even see the mess that I always mean to get around to dealing with.

Anyway, this week I plowed through at least half of the mess and I’ve come up with a cunning plan for the rest. My first real chain (in the Jerry Seinfeld sense. See June 1st’s post or search for “don’t break the chain”) will be to clean at home. Maybe “give or throw away at least 5 things” or “put 10 things back where they belong or find a place for them” or “spend at least 15 minutes making your home more homely.”

I’ll let you know how it goes.