Right. Sorry for the interruption. I ran out of Wednesday and had to wrap that up pretty abruptly. If I were smarter I’d be writing Friday’s post right now and setting it to publish in the morning, but no, here I am squeezing today’s post in before midnight. Let’s see, where were we?

Twitter can be fun for hearing from your favorite author or movie critic or whatever, but I find it even more exciting to use it to just chat with people who share my interests, dreams and vision.

In the last couple of weeks on twitter, I have:

  • exchanged haiku with a homeschooling mother of 7 in England.  (@mamacrow)
  • considered starting a musical collaboration with a poet in Seattle. (@hsofia)
  • received travel tips and encouragement from an unschooling dad who is backpacking the world (currently Bali) with his son, and I told him about how my passport application was denied. (@1dad1kid)
  • exchanged morning (for me) pleasantries with a full time storyteller in Israel, which led to folktale research advice (@limorshiponi)
  • discovered and greeted and received encouragement from a family that has traveled the world by bicycle (@familyonbikes).
  • received an invitation from my friends The Hollands (@the_hollands)
  • learned about the Waldorf alternative educational model from a local friend I haven’t seen in a while (@barefootdoula)
  • connected with the naturalist and author of What the Robin Knows, a book that’s inspired me in the last year.(@jonyoungauthor)
  • introduced myself and chatted to my girlfriend’s mother, who lives 6 timezones away (@tbirdcymru)

Just to recall a few conversations.

There’s an overwhelming amount of communication pouring through the twittertubes, but I’ve found it’s quite possible to filter out the noise find  my tribe. Next time I’ll write more about the tools and ideas I’ve found to do that.