Hello, World.

We’re almost halfway through June — through this blogathon — and I thought I’d use today’s post to reconnect with my reasons for doing this.

I love words. I love stories, I love poetry, I love ideas beautifully expressed… I love words.

But I have a hard time writing. You know the other day when I shared that Ray Bradbury perceived his creative well as a rain barrel that will certainly be refilled… but not until you make room by scooping up some old water? I loved that idea when I first encountered it, but in my mental image my barrel is so neglected that it’s full of algae.

I’m excited that I’ve been able to use this challenge to write a little bit every day, but somehow I’m still scared. While I’ve been faithful to create something new every day, somehow I never quite get around to it until the last thing of the day. And when I do I stop at the end of nearly every sentence (and often in the middle) and get stuck for a minute trying to think of just the right word, just what is it that I want to say anyway, and what’s the just-right way to say it.

I’d like to learn how to just write and not worry about making it perfect. Do you have any ideas?