My word! It’s been a long day! Mind you, it’s been full of all kinds of goodness.

Somewhere near the start of the day, this happened:

My brother Marc, as Simon for Adventure Time Day for spirit week at our alternative school

Fun Fact: That little girl calls me "Bon Joby"

It’s spirit week in our alternative school. Today was Adventure Time day, which I was quite looking forward to. I didn’t get to participate much because it’s also the week that we’re moving the school. We’ve been renting a space down the street for the last two years and we finally have the go-ahead to move into a space that we own across the street. That means that I spent today filling this truck and emptying it three times:

This photo wasn't taken today, mind. All the kids are busy dressing up today. We grownups had to fill the truck ourselves.

I quite enjoyed the labor, actually. It was just annoying that it kept me from the amazing creative kids I live with and their Adventure Time costumes. I did sneak away to get a few photos. I’ll try and do a proper spirit week post by the end of the week.

After the heavy lifting, I drove our bus down to the beach at Northerly Island where we had a picnic to celebrate a friend’s birthday. So… this happened, too:

Iris in the Waves

When this child was a newborn, my thumbs were as big as her feet. I have photo evidence.

After the picnic, we went down to the water to find neat rocks and skip them on the lake. At least two people skipped rocks for the first time ever today, and I got to watch. I think I set a personal record with a rock that skipped about 6 times.

That's the planetarium in the background.

And then, when I got home from the picnic at the beach, I played music for hours with a brilliant gospel pianist friend who’s just in town today.

And then, I blogged.

Good night, readers. It’s been a full day. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.