I decided that I was going to make myself write every day in the month of June… then I went camping for the first few days of June. It wasn’t bad planning, I was gathering inspiration!

Our first night out, one of our campers wandered away from his friends he was hiking with and was missing for 6 hours. I heard the whole story from him that night and it was both entertaining and instructive. I’ll write it all out as soon as I can.

I keep promising my Uncle Mike that I’ll write everything that I know about my Great-Great-Grandfather William (Floppin’ Bill) Cantrell, leader of vigilantes in 19th century Western Montana.

I’d also like to organize a page of all of the different musical projects I’ve been part of in the last few years and try and have one page to link to any videos or recordings I know of.

I’ve got plenty to write about… no more excuses!