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In the place where I come from, our food came from sunshine and soil. It was amazing! Here, it sure seems like food comes from money, which comes from convincing someone else that your time is worth their dollars. I don’t like it here so much.

So, I’ve made it my goal that every season, I get to watch more of what I’ve eaten grow. This week I’ve helped my mate Andrew set up one of our rooftop gardens. I’m having trouble getting pictures from my camera to the internet, but I’ll post some as soon as I can.


You have heard it said, “anything worth doing is worth doing right,”

but I say unto you, “anything worth doing is worth doing badly!”

I’m bad at writing people back. The thing is, I’ll notice that I got a note from someone and I’ll think, “Wow, I haven’t heard from Seth in weeks, I’d like to write him a nice letter. Hmm, I’ve got to go in 10 minutes and anyway I’m distracted. I’ll write when I have time to do it right.” More often than I care to admit, I never get around to writing at all. I leave Seth hanging, wondering whether I ever even heard from him. I’ve been doing that to you, here.

Well, no more! For the next month, I’m going to write you every day! It’ll probably be rubbish, but it’s more important to write than to write well, that’s my new motto. I’m committing myself to writing no matter what.

Expect to hear about what I’ve been up to lately (lots of music), what I think I ought to be up to but haven’t got to (lots of telling stories and growing food), what I’m interested in (lots of… well, just lots), what I want to improve at (storytelling and music again, but also the craft of writing and poker and baduk and fitness). Off limits: whinging about not writing enough or well enough. I may write about the craft of writing and techniques I’m exploring, but never about how well or often I’m doing it.

Sorry for the whinge: Here’s some pretty words to make up for it. This is “Why Are We Building Such a Big Ship” with “Dance”
The words start at about 1:55.

Yeah, I’d like to dance.

I’d like to sing!

I’d like to make a joke to make us forget everything

we ever knew

P.S. Wow, I’ve got a lot of linking to do. I want to try and cover musical projects I’ve helped with, where I learn about cool science, storytelling resources, homeschool and unschool families… the list goes on.