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I’m experimenting with sending pictures from my phone to picasa, how picasa and facebook play together, and how wordpress and picasa play together.

Look! Bees!

This beautiful superorganism lived in an oak that came down in a storm this June. Right now (in the picture) they're coming to a consensus about where to live next.


Hey family.  I’ve actually been home for over a week, but I never got around to setting my computer back up ’til yesterday.

“Two weeks or so” turned into only nine days at Cornerstone Farm, but it sure was good to spend time outdoors, away from constant noise, away from all the things that I distract myself with.

I went to work on being ready for the school year to start. I guess I got about a quarter of the way ready.  I also read, a lot.  I even wrote a little bit.  I even wrote a few letters, which is rare for me.  I always wish I wrote more letters, but I wind up talking myself dry.  I’ve long admired the rural life, but thought that I was too extroverted to really survive it.  I now think that if I lived away from city and community, writing would become normal instead of something I wish I did more.

Sometime later, I’ll type out a little of what I wrote that week if I still like it.  In the meanwhile, here’s a list I scribbled near the end of my trip of some books that I spent time with.

  • Selected Writings of Dorothy Day.
  • The Irrational Season – Madeleine L’Engle.
  • Nomadic Furniture 2.
  • Best American Science and Nature Writing 2006.
  • We Wanted a Farm – M. G. Kains.
  • City of Names – Kevin Brockmeier.
  • The Meaning of the City – Jacques Ellul.
  • Building a Straw Bale House: The Red Feather Construction Handbook.
  • The Forager’s Harvest – Samuel Thayer.
  • The Way of Ignorance – Wendell Berry.
  • Forest Gardening – Robert Hart.
  • Grooves: A Kind of Mystery – Kevin Brockmeier.
  • A Different Kind of Teacher – John Taylor Gatto.
  • Metropolis (an architecture and design journal) June ’07 and Feb ’07.
  • The Continuum Concept – Jean Liedloff.
  • Whitefoot – Wendell Berry.
  • The Human Cycle – Colin Turnbull.
  • Trees of Illinois – Stan Tekiela.
  • I Peter – Peter.