Here it is! This the cover that I promised last night.

album-coverIf you’re at cornerstone, come take a look!


Oh, yeah, I almost forgot — here’s a list of shows I will likely be part of.

Mon Jun 29 7pm – 8pm illalogical spoon at P12 – P12
8pm – 9pm Lasso the Salt P12
Tue Jun 30 4pm – 5pm Irish Worship at JV – JV
9pm – 10pm The Unfortunate at P12 – P12
10:30pm – 11:30pm Jonni Greth at P12 – P12
11pm – 12am Daniele at JV – JV
Wed Jul 1 4pm – 5pm Khadag at JV – JV
5pm – 6pm Lasso the Salt at JV – JV
6pm – 7pm Brother Red Squirrel JV
8pm – 9pm Busker Kibbutznik JV
9pm – 10pm Illalogical Spoon at JV – JV
Thu Jul 2 7pm – 8pm Jonni Greth at JV – JV
8pm – 9pm Tommy Ogle at JV – JV
Fri Jul 3 8pm – 9pm Peter, Paul and Josh at P12
9pm – 10pm Daniele at P12 – P12
Sat Jul 4 2pm – 3pm Peter, Paul and Josh at JV – JV