Sorry, everyone, I haven’t written lately because

  • After all these  years, I caved and I’ve been busy doing the facebook thing.
  • I’ve been eavesdropping on UC Berkeley biology lectures (Seriously, check this one out. I just figured out that these days you can find lots of killer lectures to watch on the internet.)drdiamand
  • I’ve been on the best webelos camp ever.
  • I’ve been to Philly to visit my friends and see their marvelous bike-puppet horse. Actually, I didn’t know there would be a bike-puppet, and there were lots of other neat things, but maybe none so cool as the bike-puppet horse.
  • I’ve been making plans to go to Lexington next week to be part of the mini Psalters tour.
  • I’ve been moving UCS’ laboratory to a new room.

Of course there’s more. There’s always more… but I’ve got to save something to whine about tomorrow.