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Here it is! This the cover that I promised last night.

album-coverIf you’re at cornerstone, come take a look!


Oh, yeah, I almost forgot — here’s a list of shows I will likely be part of.

Mon Jun 29 7pm – 8pm illalogical spoon at P12 – P12
8pm – 9pm Lasso the Salt P12
Tue Jun 30 4pm – 5pm Irish Worship at JV – JV
9pm – 10pm The Unfortunate at P12 – P12
10:30pm – 11:30pm Jonni Greth at P12 – P12
11pm – 12am Daniele at JV – JV
Wed Jul 1 4pm – 5pm Khadag at JV – JV
5pm – 6pm Lasso the Salt at JV – JV
6pm – 7pm Brother Red Squirrel JV
8pm – 9pm Busker Kibbutznik JV
9pm – 10pm Illalogical Spoon at JV – JV
Thu Jul 2 7pm – 8pm Jonni Greth at JV – JV
8pm – 9pm Tommy Ogle at JV – JV
Fri Jul 3 8pm – 9pm Peter, Paul and Josh at P12
9pm – 10pm Daniele at P12 – P12
Sat Jul 4 2pm – 3pm Peter, Paul and Josh at JV – JV

Well, I’ll be leaving for Cornerstone in a few hours.  I probably won’t have much computer access (or extra time!) so I probably won’t write much this week.

So, Lasso the Salt accidentally recorded an album this week! We set out to record a short and simple EP/Demo but we just kept going and it’s turned out great. We made paper sleeves for it — they came back from the printer this afternoon and Joey and Erica and Josh and I spent hours and hours cutting and folding and gluing while Brach mixed and mastered. I promise to show you album art as soon as I can (I guess we didn’t take any pictures of our arts and crafts), but you can see the original picture here. Erica took it in Kolkata.


In case you’d forgotten (I nearly had), I share a rare first name with the official Michael Jackson substitute, Joby Rogers. That means that, strangely, the traffic here today had mostly to do with Michael Jackson (God rest his soul).

I sat down to reinforce the corners of my accordion case last night, but the best material I had to work with was cheap silver duct tape. It really needed help — if I didn’t do anything, the case probably wouldn’t survive the week. Silver duct tape around all the corners looked pretty tacky, but I think I made it work.


What do you think?

So, um, Cornerstone is coming up in a few days.  Are you coming?  You should come and see the cool music I get to help make.

I thought it would be a good idea to sit down and tell you about the people I’m playing with.

  • I’m looking forward to playing with my favorite songsmith, Jonni Greth. You should check out this review – if you’re an old fan, you’ll appreciate the new song there.
  • Busker Kibbutznik changed my life†! There hasn’t been a busker show at cornerstone in four years. I’m excited that there’s a show and glad to be a part of it.
  • There’s no Psalters concert this year, but I’m looking forward to Theillalogicalspoon. I probably won’t play with them this year because they already have a tight arrangements of everything — they’re fresh home from a tour and the music sounds better than ever.
  • Come join Lasso the Salt for some serious worship that will make you think. It sure challenges me.
  • Come celebrate the Giver of dance and music with Brother Red Squirrel and the Acorn Harvest Jam.
  • What do you get when you mix together Tuvan throat singing, old-school delta blues and a Tom Waits cover or two? Khadag Blue, of course. Come hear the music I learned to play the stand-up bass for.
  • I don’t think that there’s a web site for Ami Moss’s band The Unfortunate yet, but you can hear a couple of old recordings of songs we still play here. We’ve got a Leonard Cohen cover ready that sounds like Billie Holiday. You’ve got to come hear it.
  • I always love hearing Tommy Ogle play his homemade banjos. He found and restored the bass I’ve been playing and asked if I would play it with his band at cornerstone this year. We’ll see if that comes together, but I’ll sure be at the show.

I’ve got to say I feel downright spoiled to get to play so much music (The above list actually isn’t quite complete). I must sound a bit like a broken record to some of my friends, but I’ll say it again: I’m really proud of everything I’m a part of this year — really looking forward to each and every concert.

See you there!

† A friend told me that I would feel at home at some place called Jesus People. Months later, I found the Busker website and through that the JPUSA website and… the rest is history.

From the Daily Mail earlier this year:  Dr Thilo Gambichler wrote in the journal BMC Dermatology: ‘The contact of the cello’s body with the scrotum would require an extremely awkward playing position.’

In more serious news, life is good!  It’s cornerstone season, so I’m playing even more lots of music than in my regular life.  If you’re coming to cornerstone, come see me!  I mean, not me so much, but the groups I’m with.  I’m proud to be playing with these folks.  I’ve been practicing with The Unfortunate (Ami Moss’s songs) all this week and, well, you just have to come see what we’re doing.  Today we worked out a Leonard Cohen cover that you would swear was Billie Holiday.  Come see what I mean!

Which sounds more foolish? Plan ii) Go to bed now (it’s 2:30am) and try to get up in 3-4 hours to drive alone to Kentucky, or plan iii) start driving now and get a few traffic free hours in, then find a good place to sleep for a few hours.

I don’t really trust myself to get up as  early as I want to if I sleep here, but I’m pretty tired and I don’t know that I can get that many hours in before I have to stop.  Yes, I know that the better choice is to go to bed at a reasonable hour and *then* get up early and drive. That was plan i).

Decisions, decisions.

Anyway, I’m headed down to Ichthus (Sorry Josh and Heidi, I failed to save the date) to worship with the psalters. Here I am with Jonny at Ichthus last year. I like this picture.


Sorry, everyone, I haven’t written lately because

  • After all these  years, I caved and I’ve been busy doing the facebook thing.
  • I’ve been eavesdropping on UC Berkeley biology lectures (Seriously, check this one out. I just figured out that these days you can find lots of killer lectures to watch on the internet.)drdiamand
  • I’ve been on the best webelos camp ever.
  • I’ve been to Philly to visit my friends and see their marvelous bike-puppet horse. Actually, I didn’t know there would be a bike-puppet, and there were lots of other neat things, but maybe none so cool as the bike-puppet horse.
  • I’ve been making plans to go to Lexington next week to be part of the mini Psalters tour.
  • I’ve been moving UCS’ laboratory to a new room.

Of course there’s more. There’s always more… but I’ve got to save something to whine about tomorrow.