Trawling for giant squid? Try Nemo Brand Squid Lure. Guaranteed up to 20,000 leagues!

Looking for inspiration for the steampunk elements of my novel, I was poking around for descriptions of Jules Verne’s Nautilus and found this: a page of model Nautili. I especially love the warning on this entry: although the packaging looks “real”, the manufacturer and the distributor are humourous names!

Tonight I had Zac up to my living room so we could challenge each other on our novels. I brought out two computers and a borrowed typewriter which was a lot of fun. Of course I found the usual sorts of (I’ll start writing in a second!) excuses… tonight I spent a while fiddling with the ‘magic margin’ button on the typewriter, for instance. I didn’t figure it out until after Zac left, so he’s got a couple pages typed on just the left half of his page.

Alright, alright! I’m going back to my writing . I only have 3,174 words. And 12 days left to make it 50,000!