So what sort of things do I tell the world at 1:30 in the morning when I can’t sleep? I know you’re all holding your breath, dying to know. One of the problems I have with journalling or writing letters (I figure that this blog fits somewhere in between those things) is that there are always so, so many things that seem interesting or important and they all clamour for my attention and it’s impossible to sort them out and pick one.

So here’s a random-access-stream-of-consciousness journey through the mind of Joby:

  • Decibelage is a horrible word. In fact, it isn’t one.
  • Josh and Erica are to be married tomorrow (Well, this) afternoon. I’ve just met all of Josh’s brothers and lost at poker.
  • I played my accordion at the rooms gallery last night. Other acts were wonderful and noteworthy. There are such things as forensic dentists. Remind me to tell you more.
  • Writing is 2% inspiration and 98% not allowing yourself to be distracted by the internet.
  • Sabatella’s Law of Sucking: If you put off doing the
    uncomfortable becausde you know you will suck at first, you won’t get
    anywhere, and will still suck when you finally do get around to trying
    it.  Suck now, or suck later – your choice.  (Coincidences abound: this law entered my notebook on Oct 17th 2007)
  • Samuel Renshaw.
  • Who am I, anyway, as defined by my likes, interests and things I wish I was good at.
  • The Importance of Being Earnest.
  • All the wonderful things on the internet which I wish everyone knew about and liked.
  • The Graveyard Book
  • Corduroy Mansions
  • I should write more.